Certified Engineered Pine

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Benefits of Quality

seedlingsWhen you buy a product carrying the PINENZ quality mark, you buy more than a product. You buy:

Reputation and History

PINENZ product is manufactured to be Australian Standards compliant -CONSISTENTLY.
PINENZ product is manufactured by New Zealand manufacturers' experienced in supplying the Australian building industry with fine pine products for both structural and appearance applications.

Consistency and Conformance

Manufactured to be Australian Standards compliant.
Quality to standard
PINENZ products are compliant to Australian building standards. The independently certified PINENZ mark is only awarded to manufacturers who have undergone a tough comprehensive audit to ensure their manufacturing processes are to Australian standards.
Structural qualities
The joints of structural wood products carrying the PINENZ mark are designed to have high tensile strength. Finger-jointing provides greater stability than single, large dimension lumber pieces which may be prone to distortion. Structural joints use finger lengths of 6mm through to 25mm. Adhesives used in structural jointing meet Australia's strict exterior and exposure tests.
Appearance qualities
Our products are supplied with a high quality finish for high value end uses – with high timber yields. The products look good, primed to a high standard, and require minimal maintenance.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

Service from manufacturers who listen to what you need - and supply it on time.
When it comes to timber, we speak your language. From large manufacturers to small specialist companies, New Zealand's pine manufacturers are right next door ready to supply quality products designed for Australian conditions.

Sustainability and Traceability

Made from timber sourced from sustainably managed plantation forests.
Your PINENZ product is made from timber sourced exclusively from New Zealand's sustainably managed pine forests. The world-class research behind these forests delivers pine products made from timber of uniform density and colour with excellent machining and finishing properties. Easy on machine cutter knives, so high production rates can be achieved.
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