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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PINENZ mark?

PINENZ is an independently certified quality mark for pine products manufactured in New Zealand from timber grown in New Zealand's sustainably managed plantation forests.

Why was it created?

New Zealand's fine pine interior finishings and treated primed have long been used in the Australian building industry. Today, Australian builders also have access to lower-quality alternatives from other countries. PINENZ was created to make it easy for builders to identify the quality New Zealand products – and assure them that they have been manufactured to Australian standards.

Who is behind the PINENZ mark?

PINENZ was an initiative of the (now superceded) New Zealand Pine Manufacturers' Association (NZPMA). On 1st July 2014 a new association, entitled the Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association, was formed - a merger of NZPMA and WPA.  The members of the WPMA range from large manufacturers to small specialist companies. These companies share a common commitment: to build export markets for New Zealand pine products based on a reputation for quality and service.

How is the mark independently certified?

The PINENZ mark is awarded to qualifying manufacturers who have passed a rigorous independent 88 point audit. This audit is carried out by AsureQuality, one of the most trusted quality assurance organisations in Australasia. AsureQuality’s process for assessing a manufacturer’s eligibility for PINENZ certification will be approved by JAS-ANZ, the accreditation agency appointed by the Australian and New Zealand governments for conformity assessment bodies

What standards does it cover?

The audit reviews manufacturer compliance with a range of Australian and New Zealand standards including:
AS 5067. Non-structural glue laminated.
AS 5068. Finger joints in structural timber.
AS 5069. Finger joints in non-structural products.
AS/NZS 1328.1. Glue laminated structural timber.
AS 1604.1. Specifications for preservative treatment – sawn and round timber.
AS 1604.5. Specifications for preservative treatment – glue laminated timber products.
NZS 1491:1996. Finger jointed structural standard.

Who is eligible for PINENZ mark certification?

Any member of the Wood Processors and Manufacturers’ Association can apply for PINENZ certification for any pine product.

What if I have a problem with a PINENZ mark product?

Problems with our New Zealand pine products are minimal. If a problem does occur, please contact your merchant for support.

What are the properties of New Zealand pine?

Your PINENZ product is made from timber sourced exclusively from New Zealand’s sustainably managed pine forests. The world class research behind our forestry industry means our pine products today are made from timber of uniform density and colour with excellent machining and finishing properties. For further information on the properties of New Zealand pine click here.

Is New Zealand pine an environmentally responsible choice?

The PINENZ mark is applied only to products manufactured from timber sourced from New Zealand’s sustainably managed plantation forests.
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