Certified Engineered Pine

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Wood that is engineered to perform

finger jointed woodYour PINENZ product has been engineered to perform in interior and exterior applications.

The PINENZ engineered exterior wood products (weatherboards, fascia, handrails, posts, pergolas, trim, door frames) have been:
  • Treated for durability against decay and insects. Treated New Zealand pine has been in use, performing as required, for over 30 years.
  • Finger-jointed for stability and appearance (no knot checking) Finger-jointing provides a greater degree of stability than single, large dimension lumber pieces which can in certain circumstances be prone to distortion.
  • Factory primed to improve surface coating performance.
  • Laminated (posts, handrails, wides) to produce larger stable sections. PINENZ glued and laminated timber products deliver fit for purpose strength and durability with a quality finish.
New Zealand Pine is also engineered for a wide range of appearance grade applications, ranging from interior fittings and fixtures (windows, doors, frames and jambs, mouldings, stairs, cabinetry and bench tops), to furniture and furniture components. For detailed technical information visit the WPMA website.

Caring for PINENZ products

PINENZ products are engineered to fine dimensional measurements, and moisture content is maintained within a close tolerance range.
It is essential to store the product in a dry environment until use (even if primed) as excessive moisture uptake can affect the stability and performance of this quality product.
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